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65 and counting


Just finished page 65 yesterday. Getting closer!

Harold's New Attitude, page 65, The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood


New Big Belch movie


I optimistically called this new movie “I’m Back.” The way life goes who knows for how long. I sure don’t know. The only thing I can be sure about is something will crop up. It always does. But for now I get to draw. Yes!

The panels I’m back to working on – page 4 – yes, I know STILL on page 4… Let’s start over here.

I’m changing the panels layout from what I thought last time I took a look at “The Big Belch” graphic novel. Position changes in one for Maureen and Monty and Lorinda. In the other panel, I’m focusing in on Francois, romantic French bulldog, Sugar, his borzoi sweetie, and Fletcher, cranky pants parrot.



Been thinking more about my friend’s question – about did I ever think I’d be doing a graphic novel. And I hadn’t. I also never thought I’d be much of a writer but several years back I started writing  stories and screen plays collaborating with  someone else. After a while, I got to work on my own stories. It was a revelation. I’d no idea I would enjoy the process so much. I don’t even mind doing 17 or more re-writes. Who knew?

Still struggling with the tech stuff, though. There is soooo much I’ve  no idea at all about. Just stumbling along with that.