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Happy New Year!!!!


May 2014 be absolutely wonderful for you and for the planet.


New Big Belch movie


I optimistically called this new movie “I’m Back.” The way life goes who knows for how long. I sure don’t know. The only thing I can be sure about is something will crop up. It always does. But for now I get to draw. Yes!

The panels I’m back to working on – page 4 – yes, I know STILL on page 4… Let’s start over here.

I’m changing the panels layout from what I thought last time I took a look at “The Big Belch” graphic novel. Position changes in one for Maureen and Monty and Lorinda. In the other panel, I’m focusing in on Francois, romantic French bulldog, Sugar, his borzoi sweetie, and Fletcher, cranky pants parrot.

Cutting up Cadavers


A lot of old masters – Leonardo comes to mind – had to be anatomists. To learn figure they had to cut up bodies and study them. No one had done this before – or well – probably people did somewhere – but the Dark Ages destroyed such knowledge in Europe. So artists as well as doctors had at times to cut open cadavers to figure out how we all are put together. Soooo glad we artists don’t have to do that sort of thing today.

“No Cadavers Please #1: Creating The Big Belch graphic novel 21”

Draw Like Leonardo #2


Scattered today. That happens when one’s concentration is broken. But if one has a solid background in the basics – like knowing human anatomy, it helps enormously. Also for those of you who wonder how page 4 is getting along, here’s an update. I think the figures are coming along.

Strangelovean character forced upon BLM/MMS Director by the socialistic business hating penguin kissing liberals in Congress.


In this short I talk about a couple more characters in “The Big Belch.” They are first encountered in n a typical government upper echelon office. BLM/MMS Director, Irving Smallview, confronts his nemesis Herr Docktor Hans Verrucktman – a Strangelovean character forced upon over weight burned out Irv by the socialistic business hating penguin kissing liberals in Congress after the recent spate of oil disasters. The resentful and jowly Director in his rumpled grey suit faces off with Verrucktman – a dapper dresser with a monocle and cane – over his agency’s methods of dealing with the oil companies he is purportedly in charge of regulating.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Minerals Management Service (MMS) – under the direction of the United States Department of the Interior – is (or are depending how one divides them up. They’re combined) are the governmental agency regulating oil and gas leases.

Old sketchbook


When I was doing a little straightening up I found an old sketchbook. Flipping through it I realized there were thumbnails and character drawings for the Big Belch from a few years ago – 2009. I knew I’d had the idea in mind for a while. Funny how things get lost in the shuffle of life and found some times too.

So to celebrate finding the drawings, here’s a little video.