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Almost Three Quarters Done


Nearly three quarters done with the drawings for The Big Belch. Or well, at least the first go round. Looking back, there’s a lot I want to revise.

The Big Belch, art pg. 75, ©Kay Wood 2013


Sunshine and Marley protesting fossil fuels


I haven’t disappeared. Still drawing. Here’s a sample.The Big Belch, Sunshine and Marley protesting fossil fuels, ©2013 Kay Wood

drawing hard


Yep I’m working like a fiend on The Big Belch.

My Drawing Table ©2013 Kay Wood


The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood

Only a few days left to help The Big Belch environmental crime fighting team save the world. the March 24th deadline to reach its goal is coming up fast.

Please help The Big Belch project reach its goal and help its environmental crime fighters save the planet.


Even minor characters are important to think about


Here’s sketches of a minor character from The Big Belch. I’ve found that even the characters that show up only a few times in the graphic novel take thought.

Bif studies, character from The Big Belch. ©2012 Kay Wood

The protester study was actually the way I thought Bif should look at first. Then looking at it, I realized it wasn’t right. So the rest of the studies are for Bif, a minor character from “The Big Belch.”
©2012 Kay Wood