Sunshine and Marley protesting fossil fuels


I haven’t disappeared. Still drawing. Here’s a sample.The Big Belch, Sunshine and Marley protesting fossil fuels, ©2013 Kay Wood


President Obama’s call for climate action


President Obama delivered what has been called “his most forceful push for action on global warming” this past Tuesday, June 25, 2013. What he called for is absolutely the right way to go. In fact, it has been the right way to go since the Jimmy Carter administration forty years ago when the exact same things with the exact same arguments both for and against were proposed.

A lot of political theatre has unfolded about President Obama’s call for action, just as it has every time the environment or climate showed up in the media since the 1970s. Maybe this time we will actually do at least some of the things that were called for back when flower children and miniskirts were new.

Had we not engaged in forty years of obfuscation and outright deception – brought to us by the same people who told us for decades that tobacco was good for us – the USA would own this vital lucrative economic sector instead of China and Germany as is the case now.

Had we started to do the right things back then, people would not now be dying and suffering untold other harm from the super storms and mega fires that now happen here with increasing frequency.

What will our planet look like in another forty years if we don’t enact the sensible measures that the president has put forward? How long will we survive as a species if we continue to dither in the facing of a pressing danger?

Alternative energy now


Today – June 19th – The World Bank issued a report about how very serious threat from Climate Change is titled “Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts, and the Case for Resilience.” There is also now a movement on college campuses to force their endowments to divest from oil companies. Another thing I heard in the last couple of days is that there is significant science showing that women giving birth in areas with a lot of soot and other pollution from fossil fuels have twice the rate of having children born with autism. So my update is – don’t wait, let’s go alternative energy now!

I’m making good progress on The Big Belch. Just starting on the drawings for page 50 of 100.

Obama Tweets About Global Warming


This morning I heard that a group of President Obama’s supporters are doing tweets to “Call Out the Climate Change Deniers.”  An excellent project in my view but…

What had me gnashing my teeth was the report went on to describe the effort as difficult in political terms because it was framed as Climate Change vs. jobs.

This is – as has been proven over and over again – a completely false paradigm! Clean energy and technology will not only help save us from vast destruction from a climate gone insane, but creates far far more good quality and well paid jobs here than the old fossil fuels.

Global Warming


You might or might not know that Michael Silverstein is a dynamite writer and is also The Wall Street Poet. This time he’s done a poem about global warming. Of course I had to share it. So here it is.

Global Warming — The Poem

The planet’s on slow boil,
Its temperatures are rising,
You’d think more folks would worry,
Most don’t — which is surprising.

Greenhouse gases are the cause,
Their main source is CO2,
Long trapped methane getting loose,
Adds to this climatic stew

Shrinking ice caps, freaky weather,
Fauna, flora, disappearing
Oceans on more lands intruding,
Wiser heads now feel despairing.

Can we somehow meet the challenge,
Check this global wide assault?
Or just deny the threat is real,
And if it is say: “ain’t our fault.”


©2013 Michael Silverstein

The Big Belch is progressing nicely. A nice surprise – though why I’m surprised I don’t know – is that my drawing is getting more fluid as I get more and more into it.

Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! Be kind to your planet.

 The Big Belch, picnic, ©2013 Kay Wood

Oh – and in case you’re wondering, yes I’m working hard on The Big Belch. In this page Monty, Maureen, Fletcher and François have a picnic lunch with Harold.

Wonderful Big Belch graphic novel Kickstarter Backers


To all you wonderful Kickstarter backers thank you so much! I’m thrilled The Big Belch reached it’s goal. Could not have done it without you.

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New Big Belch art – poor Harold


Poor Harold, The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood