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Happy New Year!!!!


May 2014 be absolutely wonderful for you and for the planet.





Happy Spring from me, Kay Wood, and the characters in “The Big Belch” graphic novel.

Thank you – The Big Belch Kickstarter project


Hey – starting to get some supporters. Really cool. Thank you!

New Big Belch movie


I optimistically called this new movie “I’m Back.” The way life goes who knows for how long. I sure don’t know. The only thing I can be sure about is something will crop up. It always does. But for now I get to draw. Yes!

The panels I’m back to working on – page 4 – yes, I know STILL on page 4… Let’s start over here.

I’m changing the panels layout from what I thought last time I took a look at “The Big Belch” graphic novel. Position changes in one for Maureen and Monty and Lorinda. In the other panel, I’m focusing in on Francois, romantic French bulldog, Sugar, his borzoi sweetie, and Fletcher, cranky pants parrot.

Draw Like Leonardo #2


Scattered today. That happens when one’s concentration is broken. But if one has a solid background in the basics – like knowing human anatomy, it helps enormously. Also for those of you who wonder how page 4 is getting along, here’s an update. I think the figures are coming along.

Draw Like Leonardo


Basics. In art it really doesn’t get much more basic – at least if one is drawing a figure. I maintain – even though I do dearly love Photoshop – that it improves one’s own drawing ability enormously doing a few things like the old masters – studying anatomy like Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt. It gets into the bone of the artist, or one could say, the meat that fuels creativity. Oh God – was that portentous? Good grief. I’m sure not saying that I draw like an old master. It would be great but…well, one must face reality.

Old sketchbook


When I was doing a little straightening up I found an old sketchbook. Flipping through it I realized there were thumbnails and character drawings for the Big Belch from a few years ago – 2009. I knew I’d had the idea in mind for a while. Funny how things get lost in the shuffle of life and found some times too.

So to celebrate finding the drawings, here’s a little video.