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Still drawin’ The Big Belch graphic novel


Still drawin’ The Big Belch graphic novel. Working on page 81 today, and mighty glad to be doing so! I’ve been suffering a computer glitch nightmare for about a month or so. Gaaaaa! Fingers crossed that this latest attempt at a fix works.

The Big Belch, art, pg. 80, ©Kay Wood 2013


9:56 today!


The Big Belch project reached it’s Kickstarter goal at 9:56 a.m. today. Yahoooo! I’m thrilled.
Now I have to ramp up my drawing. No lollygagging this summer. But it feels so nice.

Thank you so much for helping me reach the goal!!!!

The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood

Monty, Maureen, Fletcher and François, environmental crime fighters, will now take on their first case. Check back here for updates.

Discussing Energy Policy

The Big Belch page - discussing energy policy ©2013 Kay Wood

The Big Belch page – discussing energy policy
©2013 Kay Wood


The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood

Only a few days left to help The Big Belch environmental crime fighting team save the world. the March 24th deadline to reach its goal is coming up fast.

Please help The Big Belch project reach its goal and help its environmental crime fighters save the planet.

Trouble starts


And here it is – the moment when Harold brings Monty and Maureen into his troubles at MicroGreen, which are only just beginning.

The Big Belch, Harold tells Monty and Maureen his troubles, Kay Wood ©2013

Thank you – The Big Belch Kickstarter project


Hey – starting to get some supporters. Really cool. Thank you!

Two baby boomers, a parrot, and a French bulldog save the world

The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood

Will a major oil company’s greed and foolishness spawn an environmental disaster so serious it could threaten the earth itself? And can this horror be foiled by a most unusual team: two baby boomers, a parrot and a French bulldog, who take on this oil company to save the world? That’s the plot of my new graphic novel, The Big Belch.

It’s been quite an effort to get this project ready. I hope you will take a look at my Big Belch Kickstarter project. It’s an environmental protest that might actually give you a laugh too. How often does that happen?

 The Big Belch Kickstarter Project