Global Warming


You might or might not know that Michael Silverstein is a dynamite writer and is also The Wall Street Poet. This time he’s done a poem about global warming. Of course I had to share it. So here it is.

Global Warming — The Poem

The planet’s on slow boil,
Its temperatures are rising,
You’d think more folks would worry,
Most don’t — which is surprising.

Greenhouse gases are the cause,
Their main source is CO2,
Long trapped methane getting loose,
Adds to this climatic stew

Shrinking ice caps, freaky weather,
Fauna, flora, disappearing
Oceans on more lands intruding,
Wiser heads now feel despairing.

Can we somehow meet the challenge,
Check this global wide assault?
Or just deny the threat is real,
And if it is say: “ain’t our fault.”


©2013 Michael Silverstein

The Big Belch is progressing nicely. A nice surprise – though why I’m surprised I don’t know – is that my drawing is getting more fluid as I get more and more into it.


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