Wonderful Big Belch graphic novel Kickstarter Backers


To all you wonderful Kickstarter backers thank you so much! I’m thrilled The Big Belch reached it’s goal. Could not have done it without you.

Super Duper Big Belch graphic novel Kickstarter Backers:

Lorraine Vail

Gregory T.Garbulinski

Mary Current

Sara Elwood

Elfie Harris

Michael Silverstein

William DuPertuis

Martha Cornog

Linda Krause

Ramona Pritchett

Josh Gohlke


Robert F. Walters

David Foss

Richard Sheaff

Thomas Schueneman

Elissa Glassgold

Hiro Miyamoto Superfly

Tess Frost

Jim Kirk

Lora Haines

Fred Taleghani

Bill Riddle

Jan Grebe

Martin Dujmovic

LuQ M.

Susan Elwood-Dischler

Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo

Eve Curtis

Kat Kan

Chris Graja

Carey Shea

Carol Stuart-Buttle

Jon Heller

Jon Silverstein


Dolores Poacelli

Rhian Hunt


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