BP goes to trial today


BP goes to trial today.

BP goes to trial today to determine responsibility for the horrifying 2010 Deepwater Horizon debacle in the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve been found criminally liable already. Now to be determined, was BP just negligent or grossly negligent. The later carries much stiffer penalties.

It’s clear to me that gross negligence happened. BP’s certainly. But who else’s exactly. From what I’ve read, the same sort of cavalier attitude that BP had towards safety and responsible behavior is endemic in the oil fields. Do regulators do anything much about it? Do our legislators – who keep on giving the already extraordinarily rich oil companies huge tax payer subsidies in spite of every possible sane reason not to? And on.

It’s past time we have an accounting. And past time to get off the filthy oil drug and switch to cleaner fuels. It won’t even cost us taxpayers more money. So let’s do it. Let’s demand a better more sensible cleaner world and kick the oil habit.

BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire, The Big Belch ©2013 Kay Wood

BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire,
©2013 Kay Wood

For more information  about Kay Wood and The Big Belch graphic novel click here.


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