So excited


It was a nightmare to – not the book design itself – but figuring out Adobe Indesign. It took me five days to figure out that I had to hold down the shift key for one function to work. There was of course no help in the help menu or in the manual I bought or in the video tutorials… Did find something online after I found out how to phrase the question.

And then there were the several quirks of dealing with thecratespace/amazon nexus. It’s no wonder my hair is now more grey than red.

But it’s done now!!!

My Cover art for Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan - ©2012 Kay Wood

My Cover art for Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan – ©2012 Kay Wood

Please check it out.

PS – some reviews of the book:

My art for Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan - rat ©2012 Kay Wood

My art for Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan – rat ©2012 Kay Wood

Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan

Reviewers of this five-star comic novel have been ecstatic about its kinky humor, calling “Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan” “hysterically funny and outrageous,” and “a very funny sci-fi, gothic horror.”

Silverstein’s book is a wild riff about some very strange doings under the streets of Gotham in 1973. A criminal society has taken root there along with a pollution-spawned new chain of life, both of which must be destroyed by an elite, secretly created military unit headed by a guy planning a coup d’état.

All that stands in the way of New York City descending into utter chaos, the country getting a military dictator, and the destruction of our present natural order, is a bumbling alternative newspaper reporter with landlord problems, and a pistol-toting feminist with anger issues.

Joe Gandelman, Editor-In-Chief in Arts & Entertainment at The Moderate Voice wrote in his review of Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan:

“The only question in reading this book is exactly where has Silverstein been HIDING all these years as a fiction writer? He is a GREAT writer and enthralling storyteller whose writing packs a hay-maker punch with vividly constructed scenes and punchy, realistic dialogue — a writer who easily elicits a chuckle or two (or more)… I could easily see him selling a script to Hollywood.”


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