Fox News = GOP News


I heard that last night. And it really struck me. That’s what it is. Fox is a shill for the GOP instead of news.

This is not to say the others – ABC, CBS, NBC, do a good job of reporting the news, but at least they make a stab at trying to present a fair picture.

Oh, and I suppose folks will say huh – I thought this blog was about art. It is. Just sometimes things really gripe me. I expect you’ve got your own gripes. Maybe about an artist who blathers on about politics.


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  1. It’s been obvious to everyone that fox is a propaganda arm for a right wing movement for some time. Those who will not admit this are simply choosing to support a lie themselves.

    • I heard after I posted this that the planning for GOP TV was started during the Nixon administration. Roger Ailes served as a political consultant for many Republican candidates during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. His first such job was as media advisor for the Nixon campaign in 1968.


      • Wouldn’t surprise me. …and the Nixon links ought to go into the faces of every conservative who feels Obama needs to explain his every past association.

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